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Thursday, May 3


Hi friends! It's official. "Enjoyer of Grace" can now be found on Facebook! :) I've also created a link in the blog's sidebar that will take you straight there.

I've actually been debating for a while whether to take this step or not. My little blog is still quite young and only in its beginning stages. I'm still learning new things everyday and getting a feel for how I'd like my blog to be represented.


Even though it's early, I've already made friends with so many of you and have really been enjoying this blogging community! FB just seems a little less formal and can help serve as a more relaxed platform for all of us to get to know one another better. :)

If you get a chance to pop in, please "LIKE" the page to help me spread the word! Thanks again for all your support these last few months. I really appreciate it!

Be back later today with my pasta salad recipe and Day 3 photo of "Something I wore today." 


  1. I don't get on FB very much. When I do I will surely click like because I so like your blog. Best wishes for FB.


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