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Monday, September 24


This weekend we took E to a local balloon festival. :) Each year, hot air balloons from across the U.S. travel here to participate in this 3-day event. We've been trying to go the last four years, however always missed it for one reason or another. This year, my husband was determined to make it and I'm so glad that we did! Although we missed the launch, we did catch the beautiful balloon glow at night.

Side note:  So my husband thought I was a little weird for making him take a picture of the bubble tea stand... Hey, it's not everyday that you see that at an event like this.  ;)

How did you all spend your weekends? :)


  1. Looks amazing, Weiya! We enjoyed some time on the water with family this weekend. :)

  2. What a great way to spend your weekend. I loved the pictures of the balloons glowing at night. I've never seen one up close so I am really jealous.

  3. Hi Weiya! I was also wondering: How did you find me via While Wearing Heels? Amy's site is positively sweet, but I don't think I've ever visited before. Or, if I have, I was much too tired to be cruising blogs, because I don't remember.

    Thanks, sweet lady!

    PS - Although I don't think you could pay me to get up in a hot air balloon, I've ALWAYS wanted to go to a festival, and I think Maile would be in awe!

    PPS - I have yet to taste a bubble tea. I'm seriously out of the loop on this one ... What is it exactly?


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